LifeSpeak August Campaign: Stress in Children – How Can We Help?

This months LifeSpeak campaign is all about how to help children manage through the stress they may feel with homework, sports and extra-curricular activities, social pressures and technology, career choices and more.

Available in English and French.

Start the “Stress in Children – How Can We Help?” campaign now!

They will also be holding an “Ask the Expert” session in both English and French.

  • The English version is with Allison Villa, a Registered Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert, on August 19 at noon (ET). It’s free to participate and you can sign up here.
  • The French version is with Nadia Gagnier who holds a Ph.D. in Pyschology and will be on August 20 at noon (ET). Sign up for the French session here.