LifeSpeak Wellness Platform

Access expert, confidential wellness information from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

If you are eligible for United Church benefits, you can access expert, confidential information on a wide range of topics, from physical conditions and diseases to parenting and caregiving.

The LifeSpeak wellness platform offers:

  • videos and podcasts on hundreds of topics, 24/7, from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • tip sheets with practical advice
  • monthly Web chats where experts answer your questions

LifeSpeak is an extension of the Employee and Family Assistance Program, to help keep you and your family mentally and physically healthy. The program can also be used:

  • as a tool to support employees’ professional development, including diversity, and conflict management.
  • by ministry personnel to provide additional support (where appropriate) as part of pastoral care, such as couples relationships, raising teens, and finances.
  • as a reliable resource for difficult topics related to depression, anxiety, sexual violence, and addictions.
  • as a tool for Ministry and Personnel Committees in their supportive, healthy relationships and supervisory roles.

You can access LifeSpeak through the Group Account, password: wellness

Modules cover topics such as these:

Investments—What Do I Own?: How to get your financial house in order, including how to manage debt, insurance, and investments.

Getting Help for Mental Illness: Addressing common myths and misunderstandings in order to eradicate stigma, foster mentally healthy workplaces, and provide the best care for those who need it.

Raising Responsible Children: Use new approaches to foster more cooperative relationships with your children.

Seven Secrets for a Successful Retirement: Key elements to successful retirement, including tips on keeping fit, staying busy, and deciding whether to relocate.